Mayor Pete!

Mayor Pete!

Photo & video credit: Janet Donovan

“Really thrilled to have our latest in our 2020 Candidate Series where we can bring you in-depth interviews with the men and women vying to be the next President of The United States. This series really allows us to go beyond soundbites and dig deeper into the issues,” said Kristine Coratti, General Manager of Washington Post Live who welcomed guests. “So today, our guest is Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Mayor Buttigieg was a relative newcomer to a national stage when he launched his presidential campaign earlier this year and has since emerged as one of the top contenders in the race. We’ll ask him about the increased scrutiny that comes with being a front runner, battling establishment candidates and the work that he’s doing to build support among African American voters.”

Kristine Coratti

The below conversation between Bob Costa and Mayor Pete has been edited.  Also refer to the video for responses to additional questions.

Bob Costa, Washington Post national political reporter lead the discussion and didn’t waste anytime hitting on the issues of the day. “Right now, there are polarizing issues in the news today. The judiciary committee formally moved two articles of impeachment toward a floor vote. What’s your response to the house judiciary committee vote along party lines this morning?”

Bob Costa and Mayor Pete

“Well, the house was left with no choice by the President behaving time and time again in ways that are an absolute affront to basic American values and constitutional law. So there’s the broader pattern of behavior that’s an affront to our values. The impeachment process is not something we can view through a partisan or political lens. The problem, of course, is that there was such a menu of horrifying abuses of power that you had to kind of narrow it down. At a certain point they’ve got to and make a case, and that’s what they’re doing. I think the broader issue right now is that we have to draw a line about what kind of conduct is acceptable.”

Bob Costa and Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete’s thoughts on Donald Trump:

“I’m gay and I grew up in Indiana, so school yard talk doesn’t bother me. This President hasn’t figured out what to do or say about me, although I will admit that it did bother me when he said that he dreams about me. I am not sure what exactly goes on in this President’s [head] but I am certain that I want it absolutely nothing to do with him.”

Mayor Pete

“This election, by definition, is a contest to be a President who can lead America the day that the sun comes up and Donald Trump’s no longer the President. It’s not just about how much do we want that day to come, it’s about the fact that on that day, our country will be dangerously divided, frighteningly polarizing. I want the leaders of the world to look to the American President for leadership, for moral authority.”

On Afghanistan, the DNC, Taxes & more: