Into the Future!

Into the Future!

by intern Elana Levitan
Photo credit: Neshan H. Naltchayan

Nestled in a quiet corner of Arlington was a celebration that was anything but. Guests that went to the launch of the new CLA, the latest and greatest addition to the Mercedes Benz family, were dressed to impress. 


From the moment the partygoers walked in, they were ushered into a room filled with CLA’s in every color along with photos from the Mercedes-Benz fashion show. 


Photographers were everywhere, including Walter Grio (who is also known for using his camera to help raise money for non-profits), making the guests feel like celebrities and super models, just like the images around them.


Rokas Beresniovas with two of the models on the red carpet.

“The hope of this event was to create some buzz,” said Mark Zetlin, owner of the dealership for Mercedes-Benz.  “While being an upscale luxury vehicle, it is being shown as a vehicle for everyone.” 

Zetlin spoke of  “drawing in a new type of driver, people from Honda or Nissan that are looking for the best car and might have never thought they were Mercedes Benz type of people.”  With all the custom choices that are available, you can make your vehicle perfect for every driver, at a price that isn’t too exorbitant.


Just as this car oozed luxury and class from every model, so did the event.  Along with the red carpet entrance, Mark Grio had his own area taking high-end pictures of the guests with the new CLA in white. 

Each of the two bars in both corners of the party were serving their own custom cocktails dubbed as The Benz and The CLA, which were savored by guests around the show room. Sales associates were standing by to aid with test drives and to help those compelled to purchase a CLA that very night.


In between shooting guests and the CLA, Walter Grio was able to talk for a second. When asked about how he looks at a photo Walter expressed that he actually “doesn’t favor pictures that are posed, but rather when people think [he] isn’t still shooting because being natural gets the best shots.”  While looking at the CLA, natural is a word that would come to mind. This car exudes fluidity; there is absolutely nothing “stiff” about it, which helps it appeal to all types of people.


With six different choices for upholstery and wheels, ten different options for paintwork and multiple other choices within the multimedia package – driver assistance package, even a sport package – along with access to the internet, a connection to your phone and even the option to light up the Mercedes Benz emblem in an option they call an Illuminated Star, this is truly a car for everyone. 


If this launch was any indication of how the public will take to the new CLA, it’s the beginning of something great for the Mercedes-Benz.