Desperate in DC!

Desperate in DC!

Photo credit: Janet Donovan

“It’s a book we wrote together over many years,” said ‘Phoebe Thompson’ referring to Desperate in DC.  “It’s about life in DC – a view of marriage, motherhood and manners set in the nation’s capital and we think it’s a lot of fun.”


“We started the writing project just as good friends doing emails,” added ‘Crystal Walker.’  “Our husbands thought we were pretty funny and they suggested we should start a blog so we did and wrote it as a back and forth on issues that we found interesting in our lives – topical humor so to speak. After we had written that for some period of time, we decided to turn it into a novel.”


‘Phoebe’ and ‘Crystal’

“We like to think we came up with the title Desperate in DC before Desperate Housewives came out which shows you how long we’ve been discussing and writing.   And yes, we came up with the title partly because we had a sense of desperation about our lives here.  I think anyone who lives here, particularly if they have kids and they are a woman, knows that struggle where their falling down on all fronts,” opined Phoebe.  “their home life, their work life, their marriage, their house – everything is on the point of chaos at any given moment on any given day and the days that things are going swimmingly are very few and far apart.”


Penelope and Cherie