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“I am blown out tired,” said Meghan McCain, referring to the days leading up to the launch of her new show “TakePart Live” premiering on May 12th,10 PM ET/9PM CT on PIVOT TV.

“We’re calling it the anti-news news show,” she told Hollywood on the Potomac while in town for the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.


Meghan McCain with Senator John McCain at the WHCAD

In case you’ve never heard of PIVOT, you will.  Evan Shapiro, President of PIVOT, explains the network this way:  “Pivot’s first slate established us as a programming brand of distinction, with uniquely original, high-quality series, specials and films. Our second slate demonstrates our significant investment in, and commitment to, groundbreaking content for the thought-leading segment of Generation Y we call ‘Upstanders.’  We believe that a story well told can change the world. Pivot’s programming is meant to spark conversation among the very people most likely to create that change.”

Meghan McCain, who has been known to ‘spark conversation,’ is one of the very people most likely to create that change.

I don’t care. I’m 29 right now, almost thirty, and I just feel like people can say anything they want to about me. You really get to a place where it really doesn’t affect you anymore. If I let every a**hole ruin my day on twitter, I would never get out of bed.”


She’s been a blogger, a columnist for The Daily Beast, a contributor to MSNBC, a talk show host, a New York Times best-selling author and involved in everything from community affairs to national political conventions.  Her new show “TakePart Live” gives viewers a forum to discuss the issues of the moment and explore topics from the day’s headlines. Hosted by Jacob Soboroff, Meghan McCain and Eddie Huang, “TakePart Live” will cover the news as they see it, “the hosts will have an opportunity to address topics that they find meaningful, giving the series the chance to explore a more personal side of the issues.  The conversation will continue online with original articles, photography and video at Takepart.com.”

Meghan, who lives in LA now, doesn’t find a great parallel between Hollywood and politics: “I actually don’t see that many similarities,” she said. “other than people are in a one industry town. I find people in DC to be so much more nuanced, so much more intelligent and have a sense of urgency about their day. I actually find their worlds to be quite different.”

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