JFK: The Kennedys and Me…

JFK: The Kennedys and Me…

Photo credit: Janet Donovan

“We’re so happy to have all of you. There are chairs and a new room and we don’t charge for those,” joked Ambassador Esther Coopersmith at a book party she hosted in her Kalorama home for her long time friend Lester Hyman on the occasion of the release of  JFK: The Kennedys and Me. “It’s okay if you buy this book and it’s okay if you don’t. I am lucky to have my new best friend right here.”  The book sold out.

Lester Hyman

About the book: “Why have I written this book? Because I have had the rare privilege over a period of 60 years to know JFK and his family, not just as public figures, but as fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters. I now share these experiences with my readers so they better can appreciate this extraordinary family, each and every one of whom has devoted his or her life to public service. Despite all the tragedies that have befallen the Kennedys, they always have soldiered on in behalf of their country. This book explains what the Kennedys really were like and how and why they have played such a vital role in American history.”  Lester Hyman

Ambassador Coopersmith, Lester Hyman and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

“As some of you know on June 6th this year, which is the 50th anniversary of my fathers death, Esther had a great event to welcome my mother and my brothers and sisters and many, many, friends to this home. It was very touching to be here, so thank you so much for doing this,” said Kathleen.

Catherine Hand, Dr. Susan Blumenthal, Esther Coopersmith, Judith Barnett

“This evening we get to hear from Lester finally which is so much fun. That’s what you do among friends; you talk about your family, right? So that’s why we’re here. I’ve been asked to speak about Lester because he is so close to my family, and why is he so close?  John Kennedy knew lots of people. My father would tell you that and they loved Lester because Lester had, and still has as each of you know, an incredible spirit and he makes you laugh and he tells you the truth and he tells it in a way that makes you laugh and see things that you never saw.”

Amb. Coopersmith, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Lester Hyman

“If you read your book, each page you just want to turn and say: ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’ We all would go out to lunch or dinner with Lester and you would just hear one funny story after another. I am lucky to be in this man’s company and am blessed to live in a time to know Lester.  I say thank you Esther for having Lester and thank each of you for coming and having the joy of listening to him.”