David Adler & Oprah turn 70!

David Adler & Oprah turn 70!

Photo credit: Janet Donovan

“I want to thank Oprah because Oprah is 70,” said birthday boy David Adler on reaching the same number.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in The Colonnade before, but it becomes a family. You’re running into people in the halls and you become best friends with them in no time. And so it’s been wonderful, but I have refused to be on the condo board. I was on a condo board in New York for 12 years and I don’t even want to hear what’s going on.” Smart man.

David Adler

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend hosted the occasion at her apartment (in The Colonnade, of course) and the room was filled with many friends of both his and his parents Warren and Sonia Adler with whom he launched Dossier.

Linda Roth and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Several friends created poems for him.

Annie Groer

Getting back to Dossier  – David’s original claim to fame – Adler describes it this way. “Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation’s capital from 1975-1991. In 1975, just a month out of college at 21, I worked with my mother, Sonia Adler to launch the magazine. My dad, Warren Adler, the novelist who wrote the “War of the Roses” and 40 other novels owned an advertising agency at the time. He along with his staff, helped us launch a 16 page newsletter style magazine to cover the Washington D.C. social scene.

I was recently at my parents apartment in New York and started thumbing through the leather-bound books of past issues. It was so fascinating to watch my life pass in front of me. I also realized that it was looking at the history of social Washington during the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush 1 years. The history of the era is remarkable and I am so proud to be a part of the team of professionals who put this work together.”

Guests are eager for the revival of the magazine, mostly in part because most of them were in it. The resurrection would not only cater to existing enthusiasts but also attract new audiences. Do it David…..

David is a serial entrepreneur who has demonstrated a track record of starting, building and exiting multiple ventures successfully and has consistently achieved positive outcomes as can be seen in his last venture: BizBash

Happy Birthday to David and Oprah!