“Genius: MLK/X”

“Genius: MLK/X”

Photo & video credit: Brendan Kownacki

“They pushed each other through the media to strive for something better. That was our gateway into the story, that was our way in,” said Damione Macedone, Executive Producer and Showrunner of National Geographic’s latest installment of “Genius.” This latest version of the anthology explores the relationship between Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X. “From there we just expanded to go beyond the iconic moments and to find out who they were and what motivated them as people.”

Raphael Jackson Jr and Damione Macedone (Executive Producers & Showrunners)

Nat Geo’s “Genius” has highlighted cultural pioneers from art, science, and music — featuring Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Aretha Franklin. This latest iteration is about more than politics though and looks at two philosophical leaders who inspired a generation as they balanced their own personal relationships and struggles.

Macedone described that “we see this show as having four leads. Malcolm and Martin are our baseline but Betty [Shabaz] and Coretta [Scott King] are if not more important, equally important to both of them.

Kevin Harrison Jr. and Aaron Pierre

The cast and crew of the film turned up in Washington DC to premiere the series at the National Museum of African American American History and Culture. Kelvin Harrison Jr. who plays Dr. King and Aaron Pierre who plays Malcolm X showed a deep bond on the red carpet. Both actors discussed what it took to get into character and how they used research and source material to embody their characters, who were of course, real people as well.

Genius is airing now on National Geographic Channel and On Demand

Hollywood on the Potomac spoke with the actors and producers about just what went into making Genius: MLK/X