Chevalier Clemons……

Chevalier Clemons……

Photo credit: Daniel Swartz

“Steve, you are accepted here in Washington and the political landscape of the US as a whole. Everyone knows you here and this evening reflects that. Everyone recognizes your talent for discussions. In addition to the simple pleasure of conversation, they have an impact of absolutely respecting the opinions and views of all participants. You are the man who deeply values debate and who sees it as a crucial leader of our democracies. I can only agree with you. You never shy away from the challenges that arise in order to advise collective thinking, essential values, professional reasoning, curiosity, and innovation – not to mention you are this. Some characteristics apply to your personal energy. You have countless supporters and friends on both sides of the aisle. No one loses their identity,” said Phillippe Etienne, The Ambassador of France, when introducing Steve Clemons, Editor-at-Large The Hill, who was decorated as a Chevalier in France’s Legion of Honor.  The occasion occured when Ambassador Etienne returned to the US after a kerfuflle with the US and Australia and shortly after Lady Liberty was installed at the Residence. All’s well that ends well.

Steve Clemons and Ambassador Etienne

“So I want to use this moment not to joke, but first of all to tell you how humbled I am – unbelievably humbled. I didn’t know what Chevalier meant. I don’t speak French, but something I’ve got to start taking up. When the Ambassador called, I asked him what Chevalier meant. This is an incredible honor. I promise you that if Napoleon were around, I would cut him off too,” said Steve. Speech was short and sweet, accompanied by remarks of Senator Mark Warner.

Hundreds of guests enjoyed Caviar and Champage………..French style