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“It is an honor for us to be co-hosting this event and I would like to thank Victor, the publisher of The Diplomat for choosing us as partners,” said H.E. The Ambassador of Argentina Jorge Argüello.  “It is also an opportunity to showcase some of the best wines of Argentina. It is important for us to bring you this variety of wineries representing not only the wine industry, but the history of many hard working families and their passion for the wine, a history where innovation and tradition grow up to hand to create new paths. You’re gonna have the best music. You’re gonna have fun time tonight.”

H.E. The Ambassador of Argentina Jorge Argüello

“I want thank you for hosting this event,” said Victor Shiblie. “We’ve been trying to do this with you for two years, but the event was  cancelled because of COVID. So we’re very excited that for 20 years we’ve been connecting the US government, business and other institutions.”

Victor Shiblie

“Tonight we partnered with The Fallen Journalist Memorial Foundation which is dedicated to building a national memorial in Washington, DC to commemorate America’s commitment to press freedom and those who died advancing it around the world. To honor fallen journalists, we took about 50 wine bottles, stripped the labels and re-labled them, each one honoring a journalist who has fallen while chasing a story.  This goes to underscore the importance of the work of these journalists.”

“I want to also thank our sponsors because that’s what makes these things possible: The Samantha Sault Agency which provides editorial content to clients around the globe, Western Transportation Group, Government Services 20 and Veronica who brought all the wines here from Argentina.”

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