Viva Espana & Meridian…

Viva Espana & Meridian…

Photo credit: Janet Donovan

We’re not sure what H.E. Ramón Gil-Casares, The Ambassador of Spain, was being served aboard his transatlantic flight to and from Madrid on official business, but those of us who dined on Salmon Tartar, Lamb Medallions with Sauteed Potatoes, Pineapple and Melon Sorbet served with La Val-Albarino – Rias Baixas 2011 and Toro 2008 courtesy of Moet Hennessy at his Foxhall residence preceeding The Meridian Ball – we want to say thank you!


“Welcome to the Spanish house,” said Charge d’Affairs Juan Manuel Molina. “We are celebrating our long cooperation with Meridian House. We have a long history, founded about forty-five years ago. Today, dialoque is very important in a global society. We are very happy to be here with you and appreciate your cooperation. I would like to raise my glass to all of us and celebrate together our common friendship especially on international understanding in these interesting times. Muchissimas gracias.”


“Thank you for having us here this evening at the Spanish Ambassador’s residence,” said Paula Dobriansky, Professor at Harvard and Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, in her response toast on behalf of the guests  “We’re very very lucky indeed to be here and we’re very appreciative that the Embassy has opened up its doors to us with such a really wonderful evening, a chance to have the opportunity of meeting one another and also enjoy a beautiful meal and a beautiful evening while underscoring the spirit of the U.S./Spain relationship.”


Paula Dobriansky

“I’d also like to say a word about Meridian,” she added.  “because Meridian is what ties each and every one of us in this room together.  I have to say that I’ve know Meridan for many years. I was in government and now out of government – but you know, the involvement is still the same. Meridian is a source of education, a source of bringing various cultures together and what’s really terrific is that it’s also emphasizes the diplomatic corps.  It is really a door that is open to so many different windows, so many different cultures, so many different countries and ties that we have. It’s a wonderful, wonderful occasion indeed and we are gratified tonight that we are also able to toast Meridan.”


Hollywood on the Potomac sat down with Ambassador Gil-Casares in July: